Worm Bin Exhibit

Sponsored by:

Sawtooth Botanical Garden

Project Champion:

Dan Schaaf

What are the appropriate grade levels:

6 through 12

Is there a limit to the number of participants:

3 classes

Is there an opportunity for community service:


Is there a deadline for this project:

Fall through Spring

Is this a new or existing project:

New project

Estimated project cost:



Help us to create a worm bin exhibit where worms will be housed and they will create castings (worm poop). Students will build the worm house (exhibit), prepare the worms first bedding, add the worms, and educate the public through an educational plaque.


The Sawtooth Botanical Garden would love to add an exhibit to our greenhouse demonstrating the use of worms in creating a nutrient rich garden soil amendment. The exhibit would be mounted on wheels so that its winter home could be in the greenhouse and its summer home could be other places in the Garden!

Students will be building the actual exhibit within the parameters of Sawtooth Botanical Garden (SBG) guidelines. This means working with power tools and equipment that would mostly be suitable for upper levels (9th through 12th grade). Construction of the exhibit can happen offsite in tech classes. Once complete, the exhibit will be transported to SBG where the first bedding will be prepared and worms will be added.

In addition to the creation of the worm exhibit, we would love to have an educational plaque made. It will outline the species of worms, their lifecycle, the importance of worms, the benefit of worm castings to growing plants, and how to make a simple worm bin at home.

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