Feed Yourself and then Your Community

Sponsored by:


Project Champion:

Kathryn Guylay


What are the appropriate grade levels:

K through 12

Is there a limit to the number of participants:

Four classes

Is there an opportunity for community service:


Is this a new or existing project:

Existing project


Learn about food and wellness in a fun, hands on way and spread your knowledge and excitement to others members of our living community (people, animals, and/or plants).

Do you love food? Cooking? Creating? Every living creature on our planet needs good food to thrive. The Nurture WOW project will include some fun lessons for your class about the importance of healthy and sustainable food. Then we will take the learning out to the community by partnering with another non-profit of your choice to bring that “Nurturing” to them. This community outreach aspect could be anything from preparing a meal for a deserving group, hosting a food drive, caring for plants (yes, they need good nutrition too!), to making a healthy treat for our local animals in need. Opportunities are endless on this outreach aspect.


The Nurture WOW project offers much flexibility for your students in developing a theme that allows them to truly connect their own actions to the wellness of our entire community. Nurture’s core mission centers around food, nutrition, cooking, wellness, and sustainability (the environment). Since there are many non-profits in the Wood River Valley that service these aspects, Nurture is proud to provide a support role to these other organizations. Our core competency is to bring food, cooking and gardening education to classrooms. Teachers and students can request a customized set of lessons to be taught by Nurture volunteers (based on the “Food and Fun” program). Following these fun lessons, students will apply their knowledge by implementing a hands-on project to benefit the community in collaboration with a second non-profit. (For example, following lessons on the importance of healthy snacks, students could create healthy dog biscuits for animals at the animal shelter). Note that Nurture would provide half of any proceeds from the WOW project to the partnering non-profit to support the spirit of collaboration!

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