What’s New for 2015-2016

Student Reflection

As we reflect back on the first three year’s of wow-students it is clear that we have overlooked a significant portion of our mission – student reflection. Begining this year we are going to ask each group of students to spend a few moments, after the check presentation, to reflect back on their experience. This reflection can take the form of narratives, images, videos, or anything else. The results of this reflection are to be given to us for our and nonprofits use in telling the story of the joy and impact of strucent’s experiences with generosity.


We are requesting that the projects be selected by March 1, 2016. All projects, including the student’s reflections must be completed by the end of the 2015-2016 school year.


A number of the lower elementary school teachers have pointed out that their students are having trouble with the concept of giving $25. It is too abstract. We are going to mint wooden “nickels” to commemorate the student’s participation. They will also create a tangable token of the monetary donation.

Student Advisory Board

We are forming a student advisory board to give high school students the opportunity to create their own projects and partnerships with the nonprofits of the Wood River Valley. This will provide leadership opportunities and enhance participation throughout the high school students

Project Grants

Beginning in the Spring of 2016, we will be piloting a grant program for the middle and high school students. We will select a small group of teachers who would like to help develop this program throughout this school year. Our hope is to replace the $25 per student program with a student led grant program beginning in the 2016-2017 school year.

Kindergarten Through 8th Grade

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If you are interested in working with a partner who is not listed, please contact us.

9th Grade Through 12th Grade

We are working to transition to a student-led grant based program to launch throughout Blaine County. If teachers are interested, we still welcome them to participate in our existing programs. Teachers interested in a current project or with an idea for a project should contact us.

About Us

We partner with over 30 nonprofits to create generosity experiences for all classrooms in the Wood River Valley. Students and teachers choose nonprofit projects to support both financially and with service time. These projects must impact the quality of life in Blaine County and have a demonstrable outcome during the school year. With the help of our generous investors Wow donates $25 on behalf of each student to the nonprofit they are working with. Last year the nonprofits presented over 65 projects to the students.

Over the past three years, students participated in over 20,000 hours of community service and were able to contribute $165,000 to support nonprofit projects throughout the valley.

Wow-students works with the classrooms of the Blaine County School District, Community School, Pioneer Montessori School, Sage School and Syringa Mountain School.