The Habit of Giving Freely
without expecting anything in return

Wow! The Generosity Project connects Blaine County students, teachers and nonprofits to create opportunities for students to experience generosity, and, in turn, foster community engagement and individual growth.


"Seeing the world beyond yourself, helping other people—it’s a foundational concept that leads to healthy human beings and fosters humanity and civility."

- Mike, Silver Creek HS
Wow partners with over 42 nonprofits to create opportunities for all students in the Wood River Valley to experience generosity. Students and teachers choose a service project they will complete for a particular participating nonprofit. These projects must impact the quality of life in Blaine County and have a demonstrable outcome during the school year. With the help of our generous investors, Wow donates $25 on behalf of each student to the nonprofit with which they are working. Consequently, students will experience supporting a nonprofit both financially and with their time. Since 2012 nonprofits have presented over 450 projects to the students. As a result, students have participated in over 50,000 hours of community service and were able to contribute over $450,000 to support nonprofit projects throughout the valley. If you are a Blaine County nonprofit and are interested in participating in WOW: The Generosity Project please contact us.